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   WiNRADiO Field Strength Logger Option
Field Strength Logger The Field Strength Logger option adds a calibrated signal strength and field strength meter and logger to any WiNRADiO 3000-Series and G313/G315 receiver. It is useful wherever it is necessary to measure absolute signal or field strength levels, and store them in a file in user-definable time intervals.

For use in geographical signal coverage surveys, the Field Strength Logger employs a GPS receiver to display and store geographical co-ordinates of the measured signal.

The signal level can be displayed in V, dBm or S-units, and field strength can be displayed in V/m or dBV/m.

Instantaneous, peak or average values can be shown, calculated over user-definable intervals.

The contents of the logs have a flexible format, defined by the user. A provision also exists to specify the antenna factor of calibrated antennas for various frequencies, to achieve accurate measurements of field strength.

The Field Strength Logger relies on the receiver and antenna calibration values stored in user-editable tables. These tables contain conversion constants which use the raw values from the receiver's internal A/D converter and are translated into dBm units (from where they are recalculated in V or S-units as required). Tables of typical calibration values for the 3000-Series receivers are included with this plug-in. Please note that while these values are typical for these receivers, differences can exist between receivers and we recommend that the receiver be calibrated first, to provide maximum accuracy. This can be accomplished using a separate, free program called the S-meter Calibrator.
The supplied miniature GPS receiver is integrated with a GPS antenna, and has a magnetic mount for easy installation on a vehicle roof. Position and velocity filters provide smooth, reliable readings for mobile applications.

The interconnecting cable is 3 meters (9 ft) long, either USB or serial (customer needs to specify this at the time of order).

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